Making meaning

Making meaning is what our bodies, minds and emotions do in this physical reality I was talking with a friend the other day, debating what drives us as soul-beings. Where is our truth? I’d had an experience that started us down this path and we were deep into it. A few nights previously, I was at a kirtan concert and was allowing the music and the sanskrit to work their magic on me. Listening, sometimes singing, allowing my consciousness to…

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Art Broken

There is an unleashing when we don’t pretend to know what is supposed to happen. A freedom. Coming from a model of self-containment and fear, I carried the same into adulthood. And found that it served me in a way. I did not expose myself so therefore couldn’t be judged. Couldn’t be wrong in assessment or action. My emotional resonance was, and still sometimes is, muted to the outside world. Unfortunately, that same containment can feel like cement on the…

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Working with Layers

There are layers to everything. In my design process, there are layers of understanding and complexity as a visual develops with word and image and the interaction of the two. These same layers can be found literally in the design itself, with one element covering up part of another to achieve the desired effect. I use this physical process to my advantage and feel like it helps define relationships between visuals to have them interact, and also instructs the eye…

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Magnolia Spring


It’s so interesting to me to look at work from a few years ago and see where my expression is coming from right now. I have always had a lot to say, but lately, it’s not as necessary to be understood by others as it is to understand myself. I am in an introspective period that allows me to move from the obvious to the subtle, from extroverted to introverted. And with that, I’m reworking many of my canvases. Nothing…

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LincMedia Design is a small studio nestled on the shores of Panther Lake near Snohomish Washington, where owner Ardel Chisholm works and lives with her family. She has over 25 years of graphic design experience and has been a creative being her entire life. Currently she divides her time between graphic design and fine art interests.
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