It’s so interesting to me to look at work from a few years ago and see where my expression is coming from right now.

I have always had a lot to say, but lately, it’s not as necessary to be understood by others as it is to understand myself. I am in an introspective period that allows me to move from the obvious to the subtle, from extroverted to introverted. And with that, I’m reworking many of my canvases. Nothing seems done. Or rather, every day seems to offer a new expression of the same idea. A new perspective. I love that as I paint over a old painting, it is still there, that past version, just under the surface of the latest layers. I love that I am offering up exactly what’s going on inside. Those more obvious expressions are still a part of me, just under the skin. But where I’m at right now, they don’t need to be loud, shouting, or even understood by anyone else but me. This isn’t a teaching, but rather a journal. A document of my personal understanding of myself. A resurfacing.