There are layers to everything.

In my design process, there are layers of understanding and complexity as a visual develops with word and image and the interaction of the two. These same layers can be found literally in the design itself, with one element covering up part of another to achieve the desired effect. I use this physical process to my advantage and feel like it helps define relationships between visuals to have them interact, and also instructs the eye on how to move about the page and digest content.

There is another layering in my field, that of interacting with clients, building mutual respect and understanding. As our relationships mature, I appreciate the freedom of trust in a working partnership. But it does take time to move through those first layers of exploration to learn how we each best perform in our fields.

Of course, this is a myopic view of the larger layers that we move through every day. To the people around us, to our engagement with ourselves and our surroundings, all of society and especially in the natural world. Anything we experience in the natural world can be found layered within ourselves. Every moment, every interaction, is an opportunity to practice awareness and reveal another layer of self-understanding.