Digital Design

I have worked on website and digital artwork for much of my career. Initially I developed HTML and Flash sites, and more recently added WordPress website development to my skill-set. I find that this platform allows me to set up a working design that my clients can then manage on their own, only bringing in my services when they want larger structural changes to the site. With access to their primary form of client communication, they are given a responsive and powerful means to keep in touch with their clients and promote their businesses.

I also have many years of experience with PowerPoint presentations and Flash animation.

LincMedia Design is a small studio nestled on the shores of Panther Lake near Snohomish Washington, where owner Ardel Chisholm works and lives with her family. She has over 25 years of graphic design experience and has been a creative being her entire life. Currently she divides her time between graphic design and fine art interests.
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